About us

Opticmix Limited

Established by Kevin Church and Diana Yukich in 2003, Opticmix is a specialist digital printing service dedicated to the production of Fine Art and Photographic prints.

At Opticmix we offer a combination of key advantages to our clients:

The latest in leading technology. We constantly research printing and finishing technology and update equipment when improvements become available.

Expert advice and personal service from Kevin Church. Kevin has a Fine Arts Degree and an extensive background in digital printing. He understands the need of clients to work collaboratively, and takes all necessary steps to produce work of excellence.

A complete focus on Fine Art and Photographic imagery. Opticmix is a specialist printer primarily focused on fine art printing.


Professional Standards

At Opticmix we wish to treat the rights of others with respect. Therefore, we endeavour to ensure that our printing work does not contribute in any way to the infringement of the copyright, intellectual or cultural property rights of any person or group.

We request that all our clients read the following and warrant that the material provided to Opticmix for printing does not breach these rights.


The artist/photographer/gallery warrants they are the owner of the copyright for the work or have the appropriate authorisation from the copyright holder and, as such, have the right to enter into an agreement with Opticmix Ltd to print the work as submitted.

Cultural Appropriation

The artist/photographer/gallery warrants that they are not commodifying/making a profit over an aspect/image/custom/practice of an indigenous culture out of context and/or without permission from the appropriate Whanau, Hapu or Iwi in Aotearoa New Zealand or another indigenous culture outside Aotearoa New Zealand and, as such, have the right to enter into an agreement with Opticmix Ltd to print the work as submitted.

Living Wage

Opticmix  is a small family-based business. Kevin manages printing and production, Diana manages finance and administration. We value the contribution of our workforce and that is one reason why we support the Living Wage Movement Aotearoa New Zealand and are an accredited Living Wage Employer . We believe it’s important to promote and support a fair society and pay fair wages.

Optical mixtures. According to the colour theory of Neo-Impressionism, it is possible to obtain brighter secondary colours, such as green, by making a series of spots of both primaries (which in the case of green are yellow and blue) so that the yellow and blue spots are very closely aligned but not actually mixed. In this way, the colours are mixed in the viewer’s eye, giving a much brighter and cleaner green than is obtainable by actual mixing of the pigments on the palette.