Opticmix Limited

Established in 2003 by Kevin Church and Diana Yukich, Opticmix is a specialist digital printing service dedicated to production of Fine Art and Photographic prints.

Our Covid Health Protections Remain in Place:

  • We will continue to offer contactless pick up and drop offs if clients wish.
  • We will continue to send test prints to clients at our cost if you don’t wish to come to the studio to pick them up.
  • The Studio is open to masked clients. It’s a small space and we’re a small team so the virus getting in would close us down for several weeks or more. We want to avoid that, and covid generally, so we will continue to use a Health & Safety lens when operating the studio to keep ourselves, workforce and clients safe. Masks will be available to clients that inadvertently come without them.
  • The Hepa Air Purifier we purchased for the studio will remain in use.